Just some of the comments from members and visitors to the Akarana Golf Club Inc.;

"Akarana has been my families golf club for the last five year with my wife, our two children and I sharing many great times together both on the course and in the friendly atmosphere of the club. I'm impressed by the real momentum in the club with the regular addition of services and improving facilities. In particular I rate Akarana's junior program through which our son developed to Auckland representative level. I think one of the clubs strengths is that, regardless of whether you are a serious competitor or just after casual fun with friends you can find what you want at Akarana."


- Paul


"I have been a member of Akarana since joining in 1993. The course has always been well groomed with great greens as its strongest feature. Akarana is a very friendly club with a fantastic clubhouse where you can really relax with friends after golf."


- Neil


"I joined Akarana in 1999 because I had friends that played there, and since then I have made many new friends. It's a very welcoming club with great amenities and a wonderful golf course and one I'm very proud to be a member of."


- Shirley


"Akarana has been my golf club since I joined in 1992, and I have made a number of new friends at golf over the years. It is a wonderful club – both on the course and in the clubhouse."


- Maree