Pro Tip: This hole plays similar to the eighth hole but this time with a little more room to the left of the green - provided the pin is not left. Check the wind as this can play a big factor on this hole. Once on the green all that's left is a two putt for your par. The green slopes front left to right a reasonable amount, so take that into consideration. One rear greenside bunker.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   3 11 161
   Red   3 11 80
   White   3 11 136
   Yellow   3 15 110
   Red   3 17 80
   White   3 17 136
   Yellow   3 17 110

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Our team of creative electricians have a solution to all your electrical needs be it new builds, alterations, servicing or breakdowns. We have the experience catering to all clientele. Every job is approached with a professional manner, swift service, safety focussed with the aim to have you up and running on cost and on time. Our clients are our biggest asset.

Our electrical expertise and areas of service are:
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We do not claim to know everything, however with our great network across New Zealand and further internationally you can rely on Railey-Williams to find your solution. No job is too big or to small for our team.