Pro Tip : This tee is well elevated and the green is surrounded by three bunkers and is close to the water - if the pin is back right it is best to play to the centre of the green as the landing zone is quite small. Make sure to check nearby trees for wind as it can be quite deceiving from the tee.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   3 10 155
   Red   3 10 97
   White   3 10 144
   Yellow   3 12 130
   Red   3 10 97
   White   3 10 144
   Yellow   3 10 130

Mat Wood at Crediflex

At CrediFlex, Mat is one of many experienced finance brokers to help simplify the finance process. Mat works with business owners and individuals to source the best loan solutions for every instance, enabling you to focus on achieving your goals – whether that’s expanding your working capital, purchasing a new piece of machinery/equipment, or upgrading your vehicle.


CrediFlex are New Zealand’s leading commercial and asset finance brokers with years of experience in the transport, construction, forestry and earthmoving industries, and a constant drive to activate opportunities for their clients to grow their businesses.


Mat’s clients choose to work with him because he takes the time to get to know and understand them and their business. The CrediFlex team maintain strong relationships with multiple banks and finance companies, allowing them to match the best products and services they offer to your business.