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Pimms Cup 2018 Results

Pimms Cup Winners 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 winners - Ena Robertson (left) and Marg Lay, keeping the trophy 'in-house'.

A big thank you our sponsors - Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Allan Scott Wines, and The Clubroom


1st – Ena Robertson & Marg Lay 39pts

2nd – Lynette Alack & Barbara Benson-Cooper 38pts CB

3rd – Yunhee Cochrange & Esther Jee 38pts

4th – Michelle Dunn & Ann Mary Willoughby 37pts CB

5th – Daisy Murfitt & Maria Loverich 37pts CB

6th – Lesley Cascoigne & Judy Cox 37pts CB

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