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Fog and Frost Policy

It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our members, visitors and staff at all times. During adverse weather events or conditions, the Club will take steps to ensure all risks arising from such conditions are effectively managed.
All players must accept any decision or direction from staff issued in respect of the standards sets out in this policy.

FOG - Fog poses a risk to both golfers and greens staff. The presence of fog may require a temporary closure of the course until safe conditions prevail. The Golf Services Manager or Golf Shop staff will monitor conditions and determine that adverse fog conditions would be present where it is determined there is less than visibility of 100 meters from the 1st and 10th tee.
At all other times where fog is present on the course, players are responsible for ensuring that they do not place others at risk by hitting golf balls without visibility and /or awareness of the group in front.

FROST – Playing golf in frosty conditions can cause irreparable damage to the playing surface. When frost is evident, the Greens Superintendent or Greens Staff will delay play until the temperature has risen to a level that will allow a satisfactory thaw to take place, thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the grasses. The Greens Staff are required to advise the Golf Shop staff or Golf Services Manager if play is delayed due to frost.

If golfers miss their tee time as a result of the course being closed due to foggy or frosty conditions, their tee times will be lost, however reasonable endeavours will be made to reschedule them for later that day if possible.

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