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Age Group Championships


18 Holes Single Stableford qualifying played from the Blue Tees in age grades, then handicap match play. Eight qualify in each grade (two reserves). 

Enter via the kiosk when you print your scorecard. You will be sorted into your division based on age so your date of birth will need to be recorded in DotGolf.  Maximum handicap of 28

Age groups are: up to 35,36-45,46-55,56-65, 66+
56-65 age group play for the Veterans Trophy
66+ age group play for the Super Veterans Cup

The matches are all Handicap Matchplay based on each player's course handicap on the day of each match. The player with the lowest handicap reverts to scratch and his opponent plays off the difference between their course handicaps. Shots are given from the lowest stroke holes according to the “revised” handicaps.

All rounds will be played on Saturdays in the reserved tee times starting from 11.18am. Holes not completed should be scored with the “most likely score”; holes not played are scored as “two pointers” for handicap purposes.  Return all cards to the pro shop.

Each rounds draw will be arranged by the Golf Manager and posted on the internet by 5pm the Wednesday before play.

Winners of each grade receive a $50 Club voucher
Runners-up of each grade receive a $40 Club voucher


NB The Golf-shop scramble could still be a stableford competition on qualifying day, but matchplay contestants are not eligible for the subsequent scrambles.




Up to 35: Riley Coll

36-45: Michael Graves

46-55: Quinn Butler

56-65: Mansoo Kim

66+: Will Zimmerli 

Up to 35: Aaron Evans
36-45: Rob Fairnie
46-55: Simon Muir
56-65: John Simpson
66+: Garry Butler

Up to 35: Aaron Evans
36-45: Rob Fairnie
46-55: Allan McRae
56-65: Henry Suk
66+: Ian Marshall

Up to 35: Chase McKeown
36-45: Dean Rand
46-55: Dan McGall
56-65: Lou Hillier
65+: Les Breingan

Up to 35:Not played
36-45: Steve Matthews
46-55: Stephen Chung
56-65 Henry Suk
65+: John Dagg

Up to 35: Not played
36-45: Steven Matthews
46-55: Stephen Chung
56-65: Henry Suk
65+: John Dagg

Up to 35: Jamie MacIntosh
36-45: Tom Sun
46-55: Michael Connor
56-65: Michael Sun

Up to 35: Rhys Grosvenor
36 to 45: Mick Shaw
46 to 55: Henry Vaeoso
56 to 65: Ben Palmer
66+: Kevin Flower

Up to 35: Shane Neary
36 to 45: Dan McGall
46 to 55: John Simpson
56 to 65: Mark Hannan
66+: Brian Treacy

Up to 35: Chris Goulding
36 to 45: Antony Stariha
46 to 55: Paul Devcich
56 to 65: Phil Ross
66+ : Kevin Meikle

Up to 35: Bhoo Ghautam
36 to 45: Nigel Perkins
46 to 55: Kevin O'Connor
56 to 65: Noel Callaghan
65+: Frank McGeever

Up to 35: Martin Payne
36 to 45: Simon Muir
46 to 55: Richard Park
56 to 65: Wil Zimmerli
65+: Jai Gautam

up to 35: Tom Sun
36-45: Ian Samu
46-55: DJ Shin
56-65: Ken Collins
65+: Brian Treacy

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