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Akarana Invitational Tournament


Teams (of 5) with the best of 4 Individual Aggregate Par played over 18 Holes from the White Tees.

Entries close at 5pm the day before the competition. To enter fill in an entry form which is located in the Golf Shop and pay the entry fee. Maximum of 20 teams. Maximum individual handicap is 28; max. total team handicap is 90.

Each player's marker keeps his gross & par score for 18 holes. Return all cards to the Pro Shop for scoring. 

Par scoring:
Each player's par scores on a hole are based on their handicap and the stroke index for the hole.

(o) Half for playing to handicap per hole;

(+) for playing better than handicap per hole;

(-) for playing worse than handicap per hole; record most likely score if hole not completed

The winning team score is made up of the best total 4 individual scores. Example: Jim has +7 for his round, Peter has -2, Bob has -1, Steve has +3 and Tim has -5. Their team score is +7 (Tim's score is not counted). 

The winning team each receives a $50 Club voucher.
The runner-up team each receive a $40 Club voucher
3rd place team each receive a $30 Club voucher
4th place team each receive a $25 Club voucher
5th place team each receive a $20 Club voucher

The winner receives a $50 Club voucher.
The runner-up receives a $40 Club voucher
3rd place receives a $30 Club voucher
4th place receives a $25 Club voucher
5th place receives a $20 Club voucher

About the Calcutta format

There is no greater fun at Akarana than one of our classic 'Calcutta' tournaments. Haven't played in one before? Well now's your big chance. Some FAQ's on Calcutta tournaments for those who have not played before.

What is a Calcutta?

A Calcutta is a golf tournament where the participants in the tournament are auctioned off before the start of play (in this case the 5 man team is auctioned). The money from the auction is pooled and whoever owns the winning team (1st, 2nd & 3rd) receives the prize money raised from the auction. In this instance this is a 5 man team men's tournament.

Can we guarantee you will have fun?

You betcha. Last year's tournament had 17 teams (ie 85 players) in it and was a load of fun, so we are expecting a big turnout. You will not experience a better day of golf than this at Akarana. The buzz from this tournament is like no other tournaments we have. The waiting in the club house for the results was very nerve wracking.

Do I need to be a superstar to play?
Not at all. The maximum handicap for the tournament is 28 and the total combined handicap for each 5 man team cannot exceed 90 handicap, so there is plenty of room for people of all handicaps.

What if I don't have a Team?
No problem. Just contact the proshop and tell them you wish to enter and that you are a 'stray' and they will find you a team. There are always teams looking for spare players. You would be surprised how many times a 'made up team' goes well in these tournaments.

How does a 'Calcutta' work?

This Calcutta is a 5 man teams tournament where the best four individual scores for each team on handicap are added together at the end of play to get a team score (ie the worst score gets dropped). The team with the highest score is the winner. The format for scoring is on 'par' basis which is similar to match play except the entire field is playing against their own handicap. A 3 pointer or better gets you a win, a 2 pointer gets you a half, a 1 pointer or worse is a loss. The team with the most overall net wins (after deducting the losses) is the winner.

How does the auction work?

The field gathers in the clubhouse around 10am for the auction and the auctioneer simply auctions off each team in a live auction by taking bids from the floor. It is permitted to own your own team simply by outbidding the others, however if someone else buys your team it is traditional that the owner will offer the team a percentage  share by selling to them BEFORE the start of play (so that you are incentivised to play well). If your team happens to win and you have purchased a share the owner will share the winnings with you. Please note if you pay nothing then you own nothing.

Do I have to participate in the auction to be in the competition?

No you don't. You can still play for individual prizes on the day (as part of a team), or as above you can (before play starts) buy a percentage share from the owner of your team

What happens after the auction?

Each team owner who won the bid at the auction must pay the organisers (in cash) for any team they bought in the auction and then go off and play in their allocated tee time.

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, the entry fee is $25 per person ($125 per team) and this includes a full breakfast prior to the commencement. The entry fee needs to accompany your entry form.

Can visitors from other clubs play?

As this event is an invitational tournament, then yes visitors can play (either with other Akarana players or in their own team). All they need to have is an official NZ Golf handicap on the system.

What do I need to do to enter the tournament?

Check around with your mates and get a team of 5 together and complete an entry form at the proshop. The pro shop need all the entries in by the close of the day prior.

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