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18 Holes Aggregate Par in teams of 4 played from the Blue Tees

Enter your team of 4 in the Golf Shop sheet on the day of play, before the first player tees off; also show entry via the kiosk.

Teams to play together.  Return all competition cards to the pro shop for scoring

Par scoring:
Each player's par scores on a hole are based on their handicap and the stroke index for the hole.

(o) Half for playing to handicap per hole;

(+) for playing better than handicap per hole;

(-) for playing worse than handicap per hole; record most likely score if hole not completed

Add up all +'s and – ‘s for each hole to come up with a total for each player; then add the four players scores together for the team score.

The highest team score wins the competition.

Winning team each receive a $50 Club voucher
Runners-up team each receive a $40 Club voucher
3rd place team each receive a $30 Club voucher


NB:  Scramble on this day must be par



2020: James Copeland, Oliver Bovaird, Phil Mason, Jordan Heath 

2018: John Dagg, John Smith, Rob Fairnie, Tim Hayhow
2017: Kevin O'Connor, Albert Toh, Dean Rand, Rodney Lean
2016: Not played due to weather
2015: Eamonn Hooper, Dean Rand, Dipak Bagia, Shaun Vaughan
2014: Daniel Ko, Abdi Aryan-Nejad, Hur Won, Mansoo Kim
2013: David Sayles, John Dagg, Rhys Grosvenor, Roger Meadows
2012: Bruce Black, Graham Voysey, Michael Donaldson, Steve Sachs
2011: Alan Middleton, John Hyun, Ian Samu, Dave Waswo
2010: J Borich, M Collins, M Gould, P Grace
2009: Jay Kim, Daniel Won, Bill Lee & D.J. Shin
2008: Alan Woods, Dick Parr, Bruce Reid & Rob Steward 

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