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A little Pimms Cup History.

Akarana was fortunate in acquiring the Pimms Cup Tournament in 1958 through 2 of its members, Sam Obee, a member of Handcock & Co staff, and Helen Clarke, a close friend of Sam's, and a member of our Ladies committee at the time.

Back then, so the story goes, Maurice, arrived with two assistants, like a royal entourage with silver punch bowls, mixed the Pimms with great care. He was always perfectly turned out with gleaming white shirt and bow tie.

Other stories are told of players coming in in the dark with the aid of car headlights.

After winning the Pimms twice, Missus Shenkin and Mayson were promised a case of Pimms, if they won it a third consecutive time which they promptly took Murry Brown, from Hancocks, on and duly won it the third time, it was exchanged for Brandy as Pimms was not to their taste. Good job Hancocks.

Competition Guidelines

The Pimms Cup is an 18 hole, combined pairs, Stableford Competition. Usually 1st Thursday in November. Open to all 18 hole women also visitors from other clubs

Prizes and Trophy

Prizes and the Trophy are presented on the day. A miniature is also given to the winners.



Current Holders.

2018 Irene Jamieson and Esther Houlton – Chamberlain Park

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