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The Wheelhouse Program

  • An induction day.
  • A Physical screening (at the start and finish of each term) done by Paul Greenwood – one of New Zealand's leading golf physical trainers. (A half day TPI screening and body measure with strength and flexibility on a Saturday afternoon).
  • Club fitting and recommendations.
  • A “Trackman” combined test (start and end of terms). Checking clubhead speed/ angle of attack/club path/ combine test.
  • Video analysis (weekly) from WGA.
  • A periodisation report and plan for each athlete's individual needs in physical, mental and technical levels.
  • Nutritional advice for playing and tournament play and day-to-day goals.
  • Weekly coaching and video sessions, group session mostly. Every Wednesday 6.30 - 8pm at JK's World of golf. This will be a great way for the players to connect with all the other players involved and share information.
  • Game assessment information sheet.
  • Golf balls included in group sessions at JK's World of Golf.
  • When applicable, Sunday sessions will be held at Akarana Golf Club for short game practice, and playing rounds of golf (at least 20 sessions per annum).
  • A yearly ladder system will be generated at Akarana Golf Club.



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