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Bowls Project Update

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There are ongoing discussions between Sport Auckland and potential partners - we'll keep you posted with any progress.

June 2016

Our bowls sub committee are still working hard to bring this project to the required conclusion. We  are currently two weeks away, from obtaining the price of the project, from our Quantity Surveyor. This will then allow us to have a qualified price on the whole facility.   

The main area, we are working on is a marketing programme. We have that support from Sport Auckland, who in association with Auckland Bowls, and Auckland University, are working on an audio visual presentation to promote our project to the bowling community. The Sport  Auckland representative is in Australia looking at a similar facility. We have also aligned ourselves with high profile NZ Bowlers and Australian associates who believe this project will deliver a first class facility as good as any in Australasia.

Also under development is the governance mechanism. Along with Auckland Bowls, Sport Auckland, and Akarana, we are looking to have a document in place shortly that will be open for discussion, across both sports. It is great the Sport Auckland is on board as again their input and expertise are at no cost to our club or project.

We will continue to update all members as we progress, and we would like to thank you for your ongoing support,

April 2016
Comments from one of Australasia's top bowlers:
Mark Casey - Commonwealth Games Bowls Gold Medalist & World Champion 

I was very impressed with the images of what the International Bowls Complex (Akarana) will look like. It's design is first class, which would allow New Zealand to have access to many International events in the future.

I have been fortunate to visit many countries around the world doing my career, but I can say there not many facilities like what you are proposing to build in Auckland.

We are lucky here in Australia we have several venues with these types of facilities, which have become so popular amongst the bowling community, but more importantly we have been able to attract more people into our sport.

I wish you all the best with this fabulous project, and I do look forward to visiting one day.


March 2016
The Akarana Bowls Team continue to work toward an agreeable model for governance and constitution. We are grateful to Sport Auckland who are assisting with this part of the project.

December 2015 Update
Architects Bull O'Sullivan have completed a fully detailed scale model of the proposed new complex - take a look next time you visit. The Akarana Bowls Project Team of Glen Ogilvie, Peter Haslam, John Lister, Dermot Rodden, Graham Stanage, and Travis Gawler meet fortnightly in their efforts to finalise options for the Project Timeline & Cost, Operational Model & Budget, and Constitution. It is envisaged that within the first quarter of 2016, members will have access to the complete project plans and costings.

October 2015 Update
Representatives from Mt Albert BC, Onehunga BC, Akarana GC, and Auckland Bowls met to clarify time lines and participation on sub committees - these focus on three broad areas: Project Design and Build, Business Model, and Constitution. While the first two areas will be completed pre Xmas, the drafting of a Constitution in association with Sport Auckland, is likely to take longer than that. At this stage the Bowls Project Team are aiming for a full presentation to all members in mid February 2016.

September 2015 Update
The Akarana Bowls Project team met with officers of Auckland Council in a meeting chaired by Councillor Christine Fletcher. Sport Auckland are planning to meet with Auckland Bowls about progressing the constitution. Akarana GM Travis Gawler visited two Queensland Bowls Clubs who have built covered synthetic outdoor greens - Mooloolaba, and Manly in Brisbane.

August 2015 Update

Three key tasks are underway with representatives of potential partner clubs being invited to participate - Construction Plans & Budget, Constitution & Governance, Operational Budget & Business Model. Sport Auckland, as a neutral party will be assisting with the development of a draft constitution and governance model. Once these three tasks are completed, they will be presented to boards of each partner club, and then to voting members for final consideration.

The land adjacent to Akarana on the corner of Dominion Road and SH 20 has been rezoned as residential. It is currently being offered to the original owners (pre motorway) or their estates as part of the sale process.

Click here for the Auckland Bowls website -

Click here for the Mt Albert Bowling Club website -


July 2015 Update

Auckland Bowls has made a major decision in favour of the Akarana Bowls Project. On behalf of Auckland Bowls, Sport Auckland funded an in depth study into developing a premier bowls venue somewhere in Auckland. As a result, Auckland Bowls has given Akarana their support. This, together with contributions from Mt Albert and Akarana Members, will allow us to finalise our preliminary work, and enable all parties to be in a position to vote on the issue. Our sincere thanks to Auckland Bowls for this momentous decision.

At the next Akarana Bowls project meeting, with Auckland Bowls, Mt Albert and Onehunga, we will be able to finalise expenditure in the region of $60,000 to complete the preliminary plans, model, constitution and budgets.

Click here - Bowls & Golf Merger Project Brochure

Click here - You Tube Video of Mooloolaba Bowls Club Covered Greens


June 2015 Update:

As part of the preparation and planning for the Bowls Project these 3D views are the result of many months of fine tuning. Architects Bull O'Sullivan are presently finalising plans and a physical model which should be available for member persusal within three months.

To enable us to complete all the preliminary planning and reports the budget is $60,000 - of which we have sourced $32,000 from sources associated with bowling so far. Now we are asking Akarana members to assist by 'donating' the remaining funds needed - all donations will be acknowledged in writing and will be refunded if the project goes ahead. Please contact our general manager, Travis Gawler, who will arrange written acknowledgement of your donation, and provide you with the club bank account details.

The project incorporates enlargement of the exisiting clubhouse which will be linked to the covered indoor green, covered carparking, the addition of two turf bowling greens, and creation of a new golf putting green and warmup facilities.

Please note the name of 'Akarana Bowls Club' in the 3D view is merely to identify the facility - final naming would be voted on by members.

Sport Auckland are assisting with development of a new constitution and governance model.

This project will take Akarana into an exciting new era, ensuring financial viability for the long term future, in line with the vision statement 'To provide a financially viable Bowling & Golf Club for future generations to enjoy, and to encourage participation in both sports'.

The Bowls Project Strategic Planning Team is; Peter Haslam, Glen Ogilvie, John Lister, Dermot Rodden, Graham Stanage, and Travis Gawler.


February 2015 Update:

Cllck here - Bowls Forum Presentation - February 2015

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