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2020 The year of the Project

2020 might be the first year in the new cycle of the Chinese Zodiac (it's the year of the rat folks in case you didn't know) but for Akarana its going to be the 'year of the project'.

We have a number of projects that are being planned and the first one up is a biggie. The lakes project has been a while coming as we needed to wait for the right conditions. Commencing in early January 2020 this will have some impact on the playability of the course and we thank you for your patience as we fix this vitally important resource. To keep up to date with information on the project click below.

Lakes project

We are then hoping to follow that up with a major upgrade to the locker-room facilities (almost as big a biggie) as well as hopefullly solving the practice nets conundrum (and that could be the biggest of the lot).

To keep up to date with information on these projects please click the following links.

Practice Nets


With all these projects on the go we are always looking for members who might be able to assist from time to time with their skills and knowledge. If you would like to help please contact us.

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