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Interclub Pennants Trials - Men


The selection process for 2018 Men's Interclub Pennants (ie handicap pennants) is beginning shortly.

This year the club has decided to enter two teams into the Interclub Pennants competition which is split into 3 divisions. The 2017 team maintained its place in Division I and the new team will join the 2018 competition in Division III.

A squad of 12 players is required for each team in this competition. The club will be looking for a playing group of at least 24 players (and possibly a few more) to fill both teams.

Interclub pennants is a similar style of competition to both the Bissett/Presidents/Captains pennants competitions. A team of 8 players plays each match at the nominated course for that round and matches are single match play over 18 holes. The only difference is that interclub pennants is played on a handicap basis whereby the lower handicapped player will give shots to his opponent as per normal, although in reality most teams are evenly matched and there is never too many shots to give away or receive. The 3 Interclub pennant pools consist of 8 teams that play 7 round robin matches and the 1st placed team in each division goes straight to the grand final and the 2nd and 3rd place teams from will then play a semi-final in order to get to the final to arrive at a champion. Winning teams from Division II and III get promoted to the division above and the bottom place teams from Division I and II get relegated each year.

The competition typically takes place in February, March and April each year on nominated Sundays. The dates and venues for this year are not yet known. The matches take place at a time nominated by the host club and will be a mixture of early morning or early afternoon start times. Most events are run on a shotgun start. Some of the spare Sundays where matches are not played act as reserve days in the event of a washout.

To be considered for selection you need to be within an index range of between 7 –18, but given that a chosen team of 8 players cannot have a combined index of more than 110 on the day of the match, there is a limit as to how may higher handicappers can be selected, so typically the squad will be evenly spread across this 7-18 index range.  We are looking for the following attributes in potential players:


  • Proficiency in match play and also ‘par' golf (which is essentially match play against the course).
  • Some adaptability in your game, given that the course conditions do vary greatly from course to course in this competition and you need to be able to adapt to different courses.
  • The ability to gel with the other team members to form a cohesive team unit.
  • Some flexibility to practice during the week (mostly a late afternoon or early morning) prior to a match (if you are selected to play) is helpful to get a (free) practice round at the course where the match is being played at on the weekend. It is not essential to get a practice round in, but to turn up and play a match blind at a course you have not played before is generally a losing formula.
  • Team members need to be able to commit the time to the competition. If you cannot make the time commitment then you will really struggle to perform up to expectation. It is also preferable that team selection takes priority over club tournaments in most cases.

The general criteria used for selection are as follows:

  • 2017 Interclub pennants results*
  • 2017 Match play club champs form and qualifying results**
  • 2017 Individual club match play results (NB not pairs match play results)
  • 2017 Calcutta form (which is ‘match play against the course')
  • Trials results (if required)
  • Special circumstances (eg returning from injury, players with previous good records absent from 2017 etc)


* Players from the 2017 playing squad with a positive win/loss results record will be automatically reselected for the 2018 team if they choose to play again in 2018. There are currently 6 players that meet this criteria.

** A spot is reserved for the Junior Club Champion should they wish to play.

At present there are 6 spots up for grabs in the Division I and 12 spots up for grabs in the Division III.

If the names put forward below exceed the number required for both teams (ie 24), trials will be held in December. Results from these trials will have some bearing on selection. In the event of a deadlock with the team selections the selectors make ask two players to play off for a single spot on the team.

It would be appreciated that if you want to be considered for selection that you put your name on the sheet below.

Triallists need to comply with the club's scorecard policy on missing cards.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to email or Or also feel free to ask us any questions in the clubhouse if that is easier.


Michael Connor – Selector/Manager Div I

Brian Thomson – Selector/Manager Div III

Course Conditions

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