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Russian Stableford Results

On Saturday morning the Saturday men and women combined together for an informal mixed pairs competition, using the Russian stableford scoring system (where your pairs score for each hole  is your individual stableford scores on the hole multiplied together). This is a tough format because each time one person in the pair gets a ringer, you pairs score for the hole is also 0pts – and hence you have ‘shot your partner' and this gives the name to the format ie Russian pairs.

Despite some inclement weather at the beginning, 32 men and women gave it a crack and the weather fined up to make it worthwhile. The format was challenging and there were a lot of ‘gunshots' (like in The Hunger Games) heard right across the course as a partner was repeatedly ‘shot' by the other partner's ringer.  It lead to some pretty grim scoring.

In the end Barbara Jepson and Michael Connor, despite a wretched front nine, sparked into life on the second nine to overrun clubhouse leaders Chase McKeown/Justine O'Connell and also Glen Ogilvie/Sinead Kearny and Andrew Davison/Kevin O'Connor.  Overall a fun day was had and it is planned to hold this completion again after the next coring.

Skins results, Chase McKeown and Justine O'Connell got a 6 hole jackpot (with 8 points on 8th hole) and a strong back nine from Barbara Jepson got her pairing a 7 hole jackpot.  Brian Treacy got 2 holes and John Dagg, Kevin O'Connor and Sinead Kearney (with a mammoth 2 points on the 10th) each got one skin.


Course Conditions

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